Online Reputation Services:

Understanding What Online Reputation Management Really Means

Online reputation management is a concept that came into being with internet. It is important here to know that the idea strengthened more when internet became a place of interaction for the people. There was a time when internet was only a place where websites acted as posters on the wall. All the information you had on the website could be read by your website visitors but visitors could not interact with your website or respond to it. This is why the old websites are called the static brochures. However, things changed rapidly as we moved into the era of online interaction, known more precisely as socialization.

The web interactivity allowed people to give their feedback about business however they wanted. They could now talk about businesses like they never did before. Furthermore, they were under no pressure of what they should have said and what they shouldn’t have. We then saw a rapid increase in online reviewing websites where companies reviewed other companies, their product and services, and people from around the world responded to those reviews. People were and even today, are free to say whatever they want to say about your business, product, services or you as a person.

This resulted in many negative comments about companies. It went even further when some people, who had the know-how of online world, created websites that were hate websites. These websites were created only to hate on a particular brand, company or individual. Social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. became the places where people started talking about their experiences with companies and people from around the globe could see their posts. In a nutshell, the online reviewing websites, social networking websites, purposely created websites, search engine results etc. became places that could construct or destroy a business’ image and reputation within a matter of few moments.

There were so many places and platforms where businesses were now being discussed that it became impossible for businesses to keep track of things and what people were saying about them and where. They were trying their best to respond to customer inquiries, complaints and concerns but it didn’t cover everything. That’s when professionals who belong to online marketing and SEO came to the front and started helping individuals and businesses in their endeavors to keep their image protected and clean. These companies were unique in that their primary job was to maintain good reputation for other businesses.

These companies have professionals who know the ins and outs of online world. They have experience with online marketing. They possess softwares and tools that can help businesses know what people are saying about them on various social networking platforms and the entire social media. They have the knowledge, resources and tools to put a sheet on any negative reviews, feedbacks and results that appear on the internet when people search your business specifically. They also give you full guidance on what steps you need to take in order to keep your image intact and clean in the eyes of internet users. This whole process is known as online reputation management.